“Plant”astic Succulent

Ever see those super cute succulents staring at you in the some trendy hipster store? I know I have…and let me tell ya, I am a sucker for succulents (haha I am so punny).

So I thought to myself, “Alex…why don’t you save your money and just make one of these?” And boom, thats what I did.

1. Glass Vase: You first have to find some sort of glass container to hold your creation. I picked this one up at my local thrift store for $0.99! I really liked the detailing at the top of this vase. I cleaned it with hot soapy water and let it sit out until it was completely dry.

2. Metallic Paint: I then covered the top of the vase with some painters tape. I thought it needed some more pazzaaz! To add more detailing to my creation, I decided to paint the rim of my vase with a metallic gold colour. I picked up this at Walmart for around $2.50. I did five coats of the paint, letting the glass thoroughly dry between coats.

*Helpful Tip*- to speed up the process, use gold spray paint.

image1 (8)

3. Greenery: I then picked up some fake moss at the dollar store. Other cute additions to your succulent would be pebbles or rocks. Now for your succulent… they sell these at pretty much any garden store for a couple of bucks. However, if you are like me, and you have them growing in your garden, you can use that. Make sure you carefully dig out your succulent, making sure that you don’t damage any of their roots.

You can then assemble everything together, any way you like it!

4. Care: Keep your succulent in the window sill for around 6 hours a day. Succulents like to have plenty of water…but make sure you don’t over water them. Soak your succulents and wait until they completely dry out. Once they dry out, completely soak them again. Repeat this process in order to keep your “plant”astic succulent healthy and beautiful!

image1 (3)

  • – Your Pal Al
  • xx